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Welcome To Fenton Park Bible Church Rotorua

Sundays 10am

Join us in the heart of Rotorua as we gather for worship. We would love to have you!

42 Hilda Street

We are located right on the corner Ward Ave & Hilda Street in Rotorua, New Zealand

Experience Growth in Closer Fellowship

What Members Say

Caleb & Esther

"My wife and I started coming to Fenton while we were still dating. That was 2 years ago ago and Fenton has become a place that feels 'homely' for us, with a familial atmosphere. We regularly have Sundays as the highlight of our week! I believe the integrity and seriousness of the study behind each expository sermon leads to faithful teaching that provides substantial, encouragement and exhortation to grow and sustain biblical living."

John & Tina

“We discovered FPBC through Katie Peden. She posted on her fb page an invite to her's and Dan's commission service at FPBC. Prior to this we didn't know about FPBC. We attended, and left that day moved by finally finding a church nearby that preaches sound doctrine in obedience to the Roles set out in the Scriptures. We attended a few more times, and each time left more encouraged that there are still churches out there wanting to preach the Gospel how it was written, and not changing with the tides and trends of modernism. A homey family that embraced us, and welcomed us back each time. FPBC is truly a church that understands that the heart of worship and obedience to God starts in the home, is reaffirmed in the Church, and flows out into the community.”

Mark & Heidi

“We came to FPBC 21 years ago when our youngest child was a baby. We were happy to find a family friendly church where all ages could worship together and that upholds the Bible as God's true Word and preaches the Gospel without compromise. That hasn't changed and we're still happy there!”

Fun for the Whole Family

Sun 27 Nov 5pm @FPBC

Upcoming Events At FPBC