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1 Peter 2:13-17 – Stand Firm by Submission to Governing Authorities

Tendencies now and then toward governing authorities:

  • A revolutionary spirit / Zealots
  • An activist spirit / Pharisees
  • A separatist spirit / Essenes
  • A conformist spirit / Herodians and Sadducees

I. WHAT: The Magnitude of Submission to Authority (vv. 13a, 14)

A. What it means to submit

B. Who we are to submit to

II. WHY: The Motive and Mission of Submission to Authority (vv. 13b, 15)

A. The motive of submission to authority (v. 13b)

B. The mission of submission to authority (v. 15)

III. HOW: The Method and Manner of Submission to Authority (vv. 16-17)

A. The method of submission to authority (v. 16)

B. The manner of submission to authority (v. 17)

Discussion Questions

1) Which of the tendencies toward governing authorities did you most identify with? In what
ways do you find it hardest to submit to the authorities? How does this passage both
challenge and motivate you to do so in a biblically balanced way?

2) List out and discuss the various balancing statements in this passage, and measure yourself
against them. Is there an area you’ve become unbalanced?

3) Are there areas of government or laws that you, as a Christian, should be taking a stand
against or voicing your concern over? How will you do this practically, and how will you
make sure you do so with proper respect?

4) Are there ways in which you might be submitting when you ought not to, because it
involves disobeying God?

5) How does doing good silence the ignorance of foolish people (2:15)? Who are such people
in your life?