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1 Peter 3:1-6 – Wives, Stand Firm by Winsome Submission to Your Husbands (Part 3)

III. HOW (vv. 3-6): The Christians Wife’s Approach to Winsome Submission
A. How NOT (v. 3):
1) What it’s talking about:

2) What this means for Christian women today:
a) What’s your ___?

b) What’s your ___?

c) What’s your ___?

d) What does it communicate to your ___?

e) What do the ___________ think?

B. How TO (v. 4):
1) The picture:

2) The two questions to ask yourself:
a) Which do you __ more?

b) Who are you really trying to __?

C. How LIKE (vv. 5-6):
1) Holy women _________ (v. 5a)

2) Holy women their inner beauty by ______
to their husbands (v. 5b)

3) Holy women and ___ their husbands (v. 6a)

4) Holy women _ get intimidated away from doing what
God says is good (v. 6b)

Home Group Discussion Questions:

  1. Women, what did you find hardest about 1 Peter 3:1-6?
  2. Why do we tend to feel defensive about saying that wives should submit to their husbands?
  3. What does Christian submission mean (and not mean)?
  4. How can a wife show respect to her husband, even when she thinks he’s wrong?
  5. Wives, is there any way in which you might be seeking to control your husbands?
  6. Husbands, what can your wife do to encourage and affirm your leadership?
  7. Wives, when you’re struggling to submit to your husband in something, what can your husband do to help you be more willing?
  8. In what ways are wives to follow the example of the cross?
  9. Discuss the following statements:
    • There’s nothing right or wrong about particular clothing styles. It’s all just a matter of taste and personal opinion.
    • What we wear and how we appear aren’t that important. It’s what’s on the inside that counts.
    • What one wears is not really anyone else’s concern. It’s legalistic to think otherwise.
  10. What does inward beauty look like, according to Peter? Women, how can you tell if your focus on the outward beauty is disproportionate to the inward focus?

Kids and Youth Activities:

  1. Play a game of follow the leader but with two that are secretly chosen to be leaders without the other knowing. What do you think will happen?
  2. Draw a picture of how you think God designed the order of authority to be in the home. Who is to be in the number 1 highest place? God, Dad, Mum, or the kids? What about the next highest?