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1 Peter 3:7 – Husbands, Stand Firm by Christ-like Consideration of Your Wives (Part 1)

I. Mission #1: Cultivate ___ with your wife with ___ Consideration and ____ (1 Pet. 3:7a)
A. A _______ Consideration (“You husbands, in the same way,”)
(cf. 1 Pet. 2:13-3:6)

  1. Two practical applications:
    • The spiritual ____ to give it to _ and _ get back at your wife when she sins against you or does things you don’t like
    • __________ sensitivity toward your wife
  1. Two practical exercises:
    • _____ toward a habitual godly response
    • Increase your thoughtfulness by ___________

B. A Consideration that Cultivates ________ (“live with your wives in an understanding way”)

  1. What it means:
  2. Who’s responsible and why:
    • because as servant-leaders, husbands are supposed to be the initiator
    • because husbands are still under the curse
    • because husbands’ selfish tendency to focus too much on the next challenge
  3. How – Four major ways:
    • C___________________________
      • Revelation:
      • Understanding:
    • C______________________ of ‘understanding
      • Mental
      • Emotional
      • Physical
      • Social
      • Spiritual
    • Come to _________ solutions
      • Learn to see your differences as a positive thing
      • Learn to listen to each other’s heart on the matter
      • Learn to discern if its preference or principle and do (Phil. 2)
    • Q________________ time

C. A Consideration Demonstrated in ___ __ (“as with a weaker vessel, since she is a woman”)

  1. What it does and doesn’t mean:
    • It’s not meant as a derogatory description, but to draw out __________
    • “Vessel” refers to her ___ makeup, not her inherent value or immaterial qualities
    • “Weaker” refers to how a woman is more vulnerable in her makeup and ______ in comparison to that of men
  2. How it applies generally:
  3. How it applies specifically:
    • Treat her like your _, not a ___
    • Lead her _, don’t it over her
    • _ her, but not in an _ way
    • Listen to __ her heart, not to ___ her
    • ____ her in her weaknesses, don’t __ her with them
    • Minister to her in ways that are meaningful to , not _
    • Watch your , don’t underestimate how deeply they might __ her
    • Manage your thoughts, __, and _____, don’t give her reason to feel __
    • Be willing to sacrifice your _____ desire, rather than _______ her for not being in the mood
    • Secure her in your ___________ love for her, leaving her no ____

II. Mission #2: Show Your Wife the Honour Her _ _____ (1 Pet. 3:7b)
A. What it means

B. How it applies generally:

C. How it applies specifically:

  1. In your ___
  2. With your ____
  3. With your _________
  4. By the way you _________ and ____________

III. Motivation: ______ Prayers (1 Pet. 3:7c)
A. What it means:

B. How it motivates:

Home Group Discussion Questions:

  1. In what ways are both husbands and wives to follow the example of the cross?
  2. In your marriage, do you feel you’re partners or competitors?
  3. What aspects of communication (words, tone, body language, listening) need improvement in order to cultivate oneness better?
  4. How effective are you at coming to win-win solutions in your discussions where you have different points of view? What do you reckon the issue is?
  5. Husband and wife answer this separately and then compare your answers. Which two of the 10 ways to demonstrate tender care do you (husband) need to work on most?
  6. Husband, ask your wife, “In what areas/ways do you feel I am not showing your honour?”
  7. Husbands, ask your wife for the top three things overall that she feels you need to work on in light of the principles of 1 Peter 3:7. Listen carefully to her heart. And then make a plan on what you need to lay aside and put on in its place. Is there a key Scripture you can use to help?
  8. How serious a motivation is it to you that there is the consequence of hindered prayer for disobeying the principles of 1 Peter 3:7?

Home Discussion Activities with your Kids:

  1. How does Daddy treat your Mum?
  2. From Daddy’s example, what would you say it means to be a leader in a marriage?
  3. Get a plastic spoon and put a small lolly in it and have the child hold it with one hand at the very end of the handle. If the child can carry it across the room without it falling, the child can eat it. This illustrates the kind of considerate care God wants Dad to show Mum.