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Dan & Katie Peden

Live and serve in Wewak, P.N.G.
The Peden family (Dan & Katie, Abigail, Toby, Lacy, Albie) joined the Ethnos 360 Team and are serving the Wewak base in Western Papua New Guinea. Dan is using his practical skills as a qualified builder in the role of Centre Manager of the base that services the frontline missionaries there. Katie supports Dan and home-schools their kids. ,
CLICK HERE to go to the Ethnos NZ missionaries page to donate to help support the Peden family. You can also vist their Facebook page for their latest updates HERE.

Josh McClay

Live and serves in Wewak, P.N.G.
Josh used to serve with Dan Peden in the FPBC Focus youth ministry. Josh is also a qualified builder. Now, Josh is serving with Dan in P.N.G. at the Wewak base!

Murray & Ruth Salisbury

Live in UK and serve around the world for Wycliffe Bible Translators
Murray is a Linguistics Consultant and serves in many countries throughout the world lecturing and directing translation of the scripture from Hebrew into local native languages. Ruth is involved in discipling, pastoral care and mentoring women.

Eliki & Lata Lalauvaki

Live and serve at Narere Community Church in Nassori, Fiji
Eliki pastors a church which is situated in the slum area of Narere. He has a passion for raising up and training elders and leaders in the local churches. Lata works full time to partially support the family and ministry.

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